In case you can’t tell, I’ve had some Baileys…

Sooo it’s Easter, and you’re on tour in Amsterdam. Bebe…I’m dying. I hate not seeing your face. Or being able to talk to you. I miss you like crazy. I know sometimes we fight and get upset with each other, but it’s times like these when I realise how much I need you. And not just because I like having someone to talk to. It’s because it’s you. You’re so special to me. And I think you know that. Being apart for this long is really hard for me and I really can’t wait to see you. I miss you so much and I hope you’re having a really good time with your friends, you deserve it. 

I love you Philip Handschin. 

Forever and always.

Now I don’t like using words like forever
But I will love you til the end of today
And in the morning when I remember everything that you are
I know I’ll fall for you over again

"you are what i never knew i always wanted"